GB / T 28889-2012

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Standard Number: GB / T 28889-2012

English name: Test method for In-plane shear properties of composite materials
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the fiber reinforced plastic in-plane shear properties of the test equipment, specimen preparation, test conditions, test procedures and results of calculation.
This standard applies to the determination of symmetrical ply fiber-reinforced plastic in-plane shear strength, shear modulus and shear stress – strain curve.

GB / T 29059-2012

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Standard Number: GB / T 29059-2012

English name: xxxxx

GB / T 29062-2012

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Standard Number: GB / T 29062-2012

Chemical Name: Autoclaved foam concrete bricks and blocks
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the autoclaved foam concrete bricks and blocks of terms and definitions, class, code, marking, materials, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, product certification, stacking and transportation.
This standard applies to industrial and civil buildings, structures, non-load-bearing parts of the autoclaved foam concrete bricks and blocks (hereinafter referred to as bricks and blocks).

GB / T 9766.6-2008

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Standard Number : GB / T 9766.6-2008

English name : Test method for tyre valve – Part 6: Test method for core
Standard profile:
GB / T 9766 ” tire valve test method” is divided into six parts , the Division is divided into GB / T 9766 Part 6 , corresponding to the ISO14960: 2004 ” tubeless valves and parts of test methods”
( English ) . This section and the ISO 14960:2004 is not equivalent . Also refer to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS D 4211:1994 ” car tire valve core .”
This section instead of GB / T 9767-2002 ” tire valve core test methods .”
GB / T 9766 provides for this part of the test tire valve core terms and definitions , test equipment and instrumentation , installation, tightness test , open the pressure test , the core cap combined with the core body strength test , the core head position measurement , the core body seals off tests.
This section applies to passenger cars , trucks , industrial vehicles , construction machinery , tractors, agricultural and forestry machinery , motorcycles, electric cars and Car tire valve with a valve core tests.
This section does not apply to aviation tire valve core tests.
This section with GB / T 9767-2002 compared with the main changes are as follows:
— Increased the “Terms and Definitions” ;
— Modified the H01 and H02 -type valve core type tightness test pressure at room temperature ;
— Modified the seal test observation time ;
— Increased the pilot valve core product series of specifications ;
— Increased H04C -type valve core test methods ;
— Increased the H01 model , H02 -type valve core core head position measurement ;
— Increased the H01 model , H02 -type valve core of the core ring off tests.

GB / T 14478-2012

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Standard Number: GB / T 14478-2012

English name: Fundamental technical requirements for large and medium inlet valves of hydraulic turbine
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the basic medium-sized turbine inlet valve technical conditions and model preparation methods.
This standard applies to turbine inlet valve nominal diameter 1000mm ~ 10000mm butterfly valve nominal diameter 500mm ~ 5000mm spherical valve. Other (including storage pumps and pump turbines) butterfly valves, ball valves can refer to this standard.

GB/T 27885-2011 Determination of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide and C1 to C8 hydrocarbons in the coal-based F-T synthesistail gas Gas chromatographic method

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ISBN: GB/T 27885-2011

English Name: Determination of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide and C1 to C8 hydrocarbons in the coal-based F-T synthesistail gas Gas chromatographic method

Standard introduction:

This standard specifies a method for the determination of H2, N2, CO, CO2,C1~C8 saturated hydrocarbon tail gas of coal based Fischer Tropschsynthesis and unsaturated hydrocarbon gas chromatography.

This standard applies to H2, N2, CO, CO2, C1~C8 saturated hydrocarbonsare shown in Table 1 range of coal based Fischer Tropsch synthesis gasand unsaturated hydrocarbon component content determination

GB/T 13989-2012 Subdivision and numbering for the national primary scaletopographic maps

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ISBN: GB/T 13989-2012

English Name: Subdivision and numbering for the national primary scaletopographic maps

Standard introduction:

This standard specifies the framing and number of national basic scale topographic map, and national basic scale topographic Tutu numberingexample and the topographic Tutu numbering and map the latitude,computing formula and examples are presented.

This standard is applicable to framing and No. 500 national basic scaletopographic map in 1 ∶ 1000000~1 ∶.

GB/T 15046-2011 Fatty diethanol amide

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ISBN: GB/T 15046-2011

English Name: Fatty diethanol amide

Standard introduction:

This standard specifies the classification of products, fatty acyltwo ethanolamine requirements, test method, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage and shelf life.

This standard applies to fatty acid methyl esters or fatty acid and fat and two ethanol amine synthesis of fatty acyl twoethanolamine products.

GB 28477-2012 Safety technical requirements for childrenumbrella

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ISBN: GB 28477-2012

English Name: Safety technical requirements for childrenumbrella

GB 18068.3-2012 Health protection zone for non-metallic mineralproducts industry–Part 3:Asbestos prodrcts industry

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ISBN: GB 18068.3-2012

English Name: Health protection zone for non-metallic mineralproducts industry–Part 3:Asbestos prodrcts industry

Standard introduction:

This part stipulated between asbestos products production enterprises and sensitive areas needed health protection distance.

This part applies to located in plain area of asbestos products production enterprises of new, alteration, expansion project.The existing asbestos products production enterprises can refer to the implementation of performance of materials used,require the use of long-term test is more severe, with highvoltage and large sample (see IEC60587 inclined plane test),other test methods such as plate can be arranged material from the titration test in this standard are presented in different order.

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